I am so passionate about food and consuming the right balance that will make my body look and feel good.  I am not what you would call an “intuitive eater”.  If I listened to my intuition, it would tell me to eat cake bowls of oats and dark chocolate, with coconut flakes for balance : )

Yep, get your judgy pants on (I’m not going to sugar coat it because as we all know, sugar is naughty), I am one of those annoying people that track my macros.  Disclaimer, I am NOT a chef nor a food photographer. I just like things that are healthy and delicious.  My meals have to be easy to prepare in my tiny 1980s Hong Kong apartment kitchen.  Most of my recipes are incredibly simple.  I usually have a really captive audience who like to feature in my food photos and who love me not despite of, but because of my food mistakes.

dogs in kitchen