Chocolate Coconut Copycat Rx Bars

Rx Bars are fabulous. I say this with some authority because I have not only tasted, but made a fair few protein bars in my time. You see, in Hong Kong for some reason we are slow on the health food bandwagon.   There are a small handful of organic gorcery stores and they do not offer what I would consider an extensive selection of anything.   I think I could describe the few health food stores here  like Whole Foods but shrunken down maybe fifty times and then take away any fresh deli cooked foods plus all cool new products. Jealous? The prices remain riducoulsy high and the selection is well, average at best.   You want Yogurt? Choose any of the  twoorganic brands on the shelf- if they are in stock.  You want organic wine? Well there might be a bottle from 1996 on the shelf and no it’s not vintage.  Protein bar? They have Cliff, Quest,or some crazy sugar alcohol blend.    Because of this,I started mass producing clean protien bars in my own Hong Kong mini kitchen.  They were delicions but also exhausting/ expensive to make. 

So when I saw Rx bars and their whole food ingredients online,I did what I had to do to make them all mine.   This involves ordering them through the US and then using an international shipping consolidator to get them all the away to my doorstep here in Hong Kong.   You can imagine how exciting it is to get a big suply of my favourite Bars all to myself …until recently.  My one year old is going through that “what’s yours is mine and whats mine is mine” stage.  This means that he eats all of his food and mine.   Some food he loves more than others and just my luck, his new favourite is Rx bars.  I can tell because he tries to shove as large of a piece as possible in his mouth.  But not so big that he can‘t move his little lips to mumble “More?”

Bye Bye Rx Bar. You looked delicious

So with a depleted supply of bars,I thought I’d head back to the kitchen and take my marching orders for “more”. These are a very close taste to the chocolate coconut Rx bar flavour.  Really simple, whole foods and no additives or sugars.  Perfect my my very large and hungry toddler. Oh and me,  if there are any left over.

Servings: 8 bars

Time to prepare: 15 min


  • 1 cup pitted dates
  • 3/4 cup almonds
  • 3/4 cup pecans
  • 3/4 cup egg white protein
  • 3 tbs (+ 2 tbs) shredded coconut
  • 2 tbs cacao powder
  • 2 tbs cacao nibs (optional)
  • 4 tbs raisins (optional)


    • Line small square baking dish with baking paper
    • Boil 1 cup water and soak dates for 5 minutes to soften
    • In a food processor blend the almonds and pecans until the mixture is finely ground

    • Place nut mixture into a small bowl.  Add in egg white protien, 3 tbs shredded coconut, 2 tbs cacao and mix together.  Mix in raisins as well if you are adding these.
    • Take dates from water and place into food processor.  Add approx 6 tbs of the water used to soak the dates into the food processor and bled together until it forms a date smooth date caramel.  If the mixture is still chunky, slowly add in 2 tbsp additional water and blend.  Repeat as necessary.

    • Combine date caramel with dry ingredients into the bowl and knead until you have a sticky mixture
    • Spread the mixture into the baking dish.  Top the mixture with the remaining 2 tbs of coconut and 2 tbs cacao nibs

    •  Refrigerate for about 60 minutes and then slice into bars (Makes approx 8 bars)
    • I like to wrap each bar in cling wrap to keep fresh in the refrigerator.


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