Pherform- Ignite

This morning started off with a trip to check out the facilities at Pherform in Central.  Pronounced as “Perform”, Pherform is a women’s gym located right next to Tony & Guy on the big hill that is Wyndham Street.  Pherform was created by the Alex De Fina, the big muscles and brains of Bikini Fit (women’s only outdoor bootcamp run previously in multiple locations throughout Hong Kong).  Different to a bootcamp style of fitness, Pherform gym allows its members to have one location for workouts at varying times of the day in a range of classes and movements.

The class

Today’s class was 45 minutes long, which was kicked off by a short and easy 10 minute warm up lead by our trainer, Tanya.  After the warm-up, we were introduced to the 3 short WODs (workouts).  Each WOD was made of 3 different movements, each lasting for 10 minutes.  Movements that involved weights could be scaled according to ability and desired effort.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some basic lifts on the training schedule this morning- deadlifts and front squats.  Feel the booty burn! Tanya was really aware of each woman’s ability and technique and quite encouraging when it came to keeping a pace to complete each WOD.  The class pace was fast and I definitely got a little sweat on, which is just the way I like it : )

What I didn’t like

I truly had a hard time finding anything I disliked about Pherform but as a matter of personal preference, I do really enjoy working out with both men and women in mixed classes.  Having spoken with Alex about this, I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone and a lot of women feel the exact opposite when it comes to their preferred fitness environment.  Having experienced both, I do really enjoy the competitive spirit that working out with a group of smelly men can create and I prefer a little friendly trash talking when it comes to work outs.  I grew up with two big brothers, what can I say? Despite my preference, I must admit that my ladies only class this morning were much prettier and smelled more delightful when sweaty than your traditional mixed class of guys and gals.

What I did like

In thinking about all the things that I liked about the set-up at Pherform, it becomes really apparent that the person behind the operations, fit-out, and programming KNOWS what he’s doing.  Here are the things that I really liked in no particular order:

  • The staff– the girls that work here are friendly. From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted by a very lovely face and given a quick tour of the place.
  • The equipment– the gym itself is a decent space with a good range of new equipment. It’s really clean, bright and they have barbells, weights and racks for lifting.  Yes!

Second training room for Muay Thai and Spin
  • The juice bar– So many gyms view a juice bar as an overhead but it is so nice to give members a convenient option for nutritious snacks, shakes and coffee. Even better, rumour has it that Pherform nutrition is cooking up some healthy food options.  I’m keeping an eye out for this.
  • The Programming– the structure of the programming is smart. A range of times for the same class is offered throughout the day.  Each day the programming changes.  This ensures that members are training different muscle groups throughout and diversifying their routine.


I saved my favourite part of the gym for this section.  The ladies locker room at Pherform is the $hit.  I mean, what other HK locker room can you think of with bright colourful Spanish tiles?  Oh and did I mention that the members all have free reign of. Lush products to make them shiny and smelling like a fresh as a daisy?

Oh hello bright and beautiful tiles
Girly Stuff! Yes Please!


A trial class will cost $99 HKD and there are quite a few trial and membership options to consider.

Fun o’meter

I enjoyed the Ignite class and I’ll definitely try out a few more class options at Pherform.  Overall my first experience here was friendly and cheerful.  8/10.



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