HIT45- Interval Training

Just last night, I had a Mumma ask me about workouts in Hong Kong that would be quick and efficient because she didn't have much time for herself after recently becoming a mother.  Well this is my answer, HIT45.  Classes are conveniently located, can be scaled for any fitness level, and are over in just 45 minutes.

HIT45 is a small interval training/bootcamp studio located off of Stanley Street.  The classes here are simple, they combine cardio, body weight exercises and weights for a 45 minute burn that will leave you feeling energized- I mean, isn’t that what we are all after?  Yes, more energy please!

The set-up

HIT45 studio is basically one small L-shaped room with steps, kettle bells, free weights, and some very strange looking treadmills.  Green Jog Treadmills line the perimeter of the room.  They are self-powered and take a brief tutorial on how to use, but they are light on the old Mumma joints and are great for short fast sprints that leave you feeling nice and queasy at the end.

Our trainer, Lauren, greets all of her students in the reception area before entering the studio.  Lauren cannot be missed.  She is loud and positively pumped about her work and every one of her students.  She personally knows each face that enters through the front door and gives them the warmest reception.  How could one not feel excited to be here?

The Class

Today’s 9:00am class included 6 people ranging in fitness ability.  Each person selected their weights based on what they felt comfortable with.  This morning's circuit was written on the mirror at the front of the room, but before we got started- we jumped on the Green Jog Treadmills for some interval running to warm up.

Lauren (our resident DJ) turned up the tunes and started got our legs moving.  Treadmills were adjusted in intensity, followed by some triceps work.  After I could no longer feel the backs of my arms, we got into our workout.  The circuit combined planks, kettle bell swings, dumbbell work, some burpees (just for fun), abdominal/core exercises and a few more sprints sprinkled on top.  All of the exercises were demonstrated before Lauren walked around the room, ensuring that everyone was pushing hard for the full 45 minutes.

Things I didn’t like

I know the expensive treadmills are environmentally friendly, good for the joints, blah blah blah, but they are painful.  Getting these things moving at a high level of resistance just burns the glutes and legs.  I’m going to be honest, after my legs were warm I did NOT want to jump back on those things.  They hurt and we are not friends.

Things I liked

From my experience, it doesn’t matter what the gym looks like, it all comes down to the coaching and this is the thing I like most.  Lauren was made to coach.  She loves her job and motivating others and she’s a complete natural. I like loud and in charge and this is exactly what she is #ladyboss.

This may not be your cup of tea but I also really appreciate high volume music while working out.  Putting my head down and zoning out to good loud music makes me want to move.  #DJLaureninDaHouse


The locker rooms are compact.  Two sizeable showers are probably enough for smaller classes of ladies getting in a quick HIT and then dashing back to the office.  Locker rooms are very tidy and provide enough space for changing and makeup.


A single class will cost $270 HKD, but the first trial is Free- yay!

Fun o’meter

9/10.  This class is high energy, high volume and just fun to be a part of.  I’ll be back!



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