TORQ Cycle

The Class

Lunchtime TORQ cycle is a 50 minute session.  This afternoon’s class was unintentionally for the ladies only- five of us to be exact.  To fill the space, I was assigned a bike front and centre, perfect for someone who had no idea what they were doing.
Our spin instructor, Dora, arrived to adjust my bike and get everyone warmed up and ready to spin.  The first thing I noticed about Dora are her #powershoulders- they are beautiful.  It is pretty clear just by looking at her, that she is not only a spin instructor but a big fan of weight training.  She is incredibly fit and it becomes apparent when you see her bike stats on the screen at the front of the room. As I was panting away, Dora was generating 4x the amount of RPMs with ease whilst rambling on in her microphone and not even breaking a sweat.

We were taken through a few music tracks and varying in level of cycling intensity.  For each track, Dora made sure everyone was working hard.  If not convinced, she would come around and adjust the intensity on each bike herself.  We used the screen to track how hard we were working and as a measurement for adjusting our target speed and/or resistance.  The class itself went by really quickly. Before I knew it we were on our last track and the fun was over, but my legs were pretty happy about class coming to an end.
My Ride

Things I didn’t like

The screen (a.k.a the “Screen of Truth”).  I mean yes, a screen showing the stats of each bike can be great for tracking performance, but how am I supposed to fake the difficulty of hill if Dora can clearly see I’m not peddling as hard as the look on my face indicates?

fullsizerender 7
The Screen of Truth : (
I really enjoyed the individual coaching that every received at TORQ.  At a bigger studio, spin instructors seem to be more concerned with their own workout.  I also liked the laid back attitude of the instructor and how at ease she made each person feel.


Excellent use of space for the the locker/ change rooms.  Big and clean with spacious showers with enough room to move around!  As our class was leaving, there were a handful of ladies changing for another class and unlike a lot of other locker rooms in Hong Kong, this one doesn’t make you feel as if you need to climb over the person next to you to access your locker and move around (that’s super awkward, especially if the other person is not fully clothed).



A Trial class + 1 Class (2 total) will cost $280 HKD

Fun o’meter

8/10.  The instructor (Dora) and her amazing arms + banter made this class really fun.


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