Crossfit Typhoon Crossfit

Crossfit Typhoon is a familiar place that I hadn’t visited in some time and with their fairly recent changes in management/ ownership, I thought I should pay them a little visit.  “The Bunker” as its members refer to it, is a gritty garage-themed box tucked away in the streets of Sai Ying Pun marked on the side entrance by a big red HK branded door.

The set-up

The Typhoon Bunker is a little brighter and more themed than its previous appearance with a couple of very minor updates to the facilities (like a cute little espresso machine and some bright HK-flavoured wall art).  The space is very open and attracts the interest of quite a few local passersby when the garage door is lifted open to showcase all the sweaty athletes grinding out their daily WOD.

The Typhoon box makes great use of its long open space with bright kettlebells, rigs, plates and bars all neatly lining the perimeter of the gym.

The Class

Today’s 7am workout involved some heavy front squats.  Coach Josh (from Straya) was carefully watching over all of the students and was very quick to provide feedback to us to improve our technique.  Today I picked up some pointers on my front squat stance- which I never realised needed so much help.- doh!  Thanks Josh : )

Next was the WOD which was brought to me by my enemy, Mr. Humidity.  Being the official start to the Hong Kong summer, once the garage door was opened, I knew the WOD involved running outside.  I was already dreading this workout.

I just put my head down and slowly counted each round.  And yes that was 75 pull-ups- ouch.

Things I didn’t like

Street running, not my favourite.  I liken the experience to playing the old-school Nintendo game of paper boy where you must dodge the oncoming traffic and stray attack dogs- except we replace the obstacles with a local Hong Kong flare to include raging taxi drivers, cigarette smoke, potholes, doggy poo, and old men wheeling large carts down the streets.  Oh and did I mention how hot it was outside at 7am?

Things I liked

The members here exude a really hard work ethic and I think this is backed by the message that all visitors are greeted with at the door “Leave ego in bucket provided” Typhooners leave everything they have at the gym.  It’s one of my favourite things about Crossfit Typhoon, the members here work hard… and play hard.  Playing hard is evidenced by the bottom shelves of the Crossfit Typhoon refrigerator.

This is one of my other favourite things, the artwork in the ladies bathroom- a real masterpiece.

The change room is spacious and has all that you need.  No frills here but it’s clean and comfortable.


$250 for a drop in at Crossfit Typhoon, but I believe a class trial for newbies is free of charge.

Fun o’meter

8/10. Yes, I know I’m partial to a good old Crossfit class but this place IS really one special gym.  It’s relaxed, fun, and a great place to get yo sweat on.





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