Hard Kore at H-Kore

Friday night got a little crazy when this Mumma decided to try my first ever Lagree Fitness class at the very popular H-Kore in Central.  Word on the street is that this class is pretty hard core, and I believed all of the very fit people that told me this fact.

The set-up

Let me tell you, no expense was spared in the creation of the look and feel at H-Kore.  From the moment I stepped off the elevator on the 3rd floor of the Wincome Centre building, I was impressed.  H-Kore’s reception is located at the front and an extensive studio to the right which is filled with an impressive collection of machines and a colourful selection of kettle bells.  The fit-out is warm and open.

Eleanor, my instructor, greeted me and showed me around the workout area and equipment.  I was introduced to the Megaformer.  The Megaformer looks like a very technical version of a Pilates reformer bed on steroids.  It’s huge and it has handles, lines, numbers, and cables.  Despite all the bells and whistles, the Megaformer looked like a solid space for a nap after my long day at the office, but I soon learned that a relaxed workout was not what Eleanor had in store.

The Class

Here’s the thing, Eleanor may look like a kind and gentle fairy that just descended from Tolkien’s Middle Earth, but don’t let the ethereal appearance fool you- she is tough as nails.  Everything movement that she queued us through burned from the inside of my muscles and she held us there to repeat the movements just until I could no longer feel each muscle group anymore.  From my inner and outer thighs, glutes, back, shoulders, triceps, abdominals, obliques… the list really goes on.  I got a full body burn in 45 minutes.  I spent a lot of time making really unattractive faces whilst squeezing and holding each small movement.  The exercises were small in range but very intentional and Eleanor had us moving through each exercise with purpose.  Perhaps it was the pain that made the time fly by so quickly, but before I knew it we were on our last movement and I was relieved I had survived.

H-Kore Survivor

Things I didn’t like

The only thing about this studio that is not my favourite is the price.  Now living in Hong Kong, I’m aware that prime real estate, state of the art equipment and quality instructors come at a premium and that price is hefty here.  Class prices will not suit those that are on a thrifty budget.

Things I liked

There were a LOT of things I enjoyed about H-Kore.  The music was excellent (very important) and the actual length of the class was perfect… not once did I glance at the clock.  H-Kore definitely has the right formula when it comes to appearance and style.


The ladies locker room was probably one of the best parts of the studio.  The entrance is lined with a black chain curtain, soft lighting and and although the changing area itself is compact it has everything you need including a vacancy light to notify you of when each shower is free for use- love it!

Locker room entrance
Vacant Showers

A single class will cost $350 HKD

Fun o’meter

9/10.  I had an excellent workout in a beautiful and fun environment and left feeling energized. A great way to end a work week!

H-Kore Eleanor

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