Barre 2 Barre, BarreAmped Bounce

My first ever Barre class took place today at Barre 2 Barre.  The only thing I knew about this Barre was that there was a high likelihood that I’d be sore in muscle groups I haven’t used in a verrrry long time.  I was also really intrigued since the description of BarreAmped bounce involved a small trampoline.  I mean who doesn’t channel their inner 8 year-old self when given the chance to bounce on a trampoline?

The set-up

The studio is located right in the middle of Central, just under the escalators on Cochrane street in an old unassuming building.  Barre 2 Barre is situated on the fourth floor through a small entrance.  The studio is very quaint and has a small reception and gym area.  When I entered, the trampoline stations were being checked over and maintenanced by one of the staff.  Karen, the owner and class instructor greeted me and showed the layout of the studio.

Our Barre Bounce stations

As I waited for class, I had a look through the rack of apparel and noticed the colourful grippy socks at reception.  To make myself feel like a Barre veteran, I decided that I should at least look the part and so I purchased some beautiful toeless socks.  This would also ensure that my bouncing performance was at its highest potential…like literally.

The Class

The 5:30pm BarreAmped class had 4 other female students, some of which were beginners like me.  We all had our own trampoline stations with bars and were taught correct posture, neutral spine, and were queued through all of the movements throughout the 45 minute class.  Coach Karen made sure that our form was correct for each and every movement and we used the mirrors to check alignment for each pose.

Movements were kept VERY small and controlled and what I thought looked very simple in the beginning, lead to a series of burning sensations from each small pulsing movement to activate my hips, glutes, arms, back and then abs.  I was happy/not happy that my theory about Barre hurting badly was true.


Things I didn’t like

I may have overestimated the amount of bounce and energy that was going to be involved in class.  BarreAmped mirrors a lot of Pilates movements and uses the trampoline more for the uneven surface area rather than the fun factor of the bounce.  And speaking of fun, the class itself was quite serious and focused.  This is understandable, given the injury factor would be considerable with all the newbies that try out this class.


Things I liked

This class would be good for people working in Central that can swing in and get a quick workout in without the need to shower afterward.  I really enjoyed the variation of movements that we did and especially the stretching at the end of class.


There is one bathroom and a small shower/change room to the back of the studio so equipped for a small group, but not somewhere I would want to be if I were in a hurry to get ready for work.  Facilities were clean and tidy.

Bathroom and Shower


A drop-in class will cost $280 HKD

Fun o’meter

6/10.  Pleasant instructor.  Nice and bright studio but lacking the energy that I tend to look for in a group class.


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