Ursus Bear Camp

Ursus is a strength and conditioning facility that is located close to home in the lovely Sai Ying Pun.  I’ve walked past this impressive studio a time or two and thought I better head in to see for myself, what this place was all about.

The set-up

Even on a rainy Sunday, the facility was light and bright.  Lots of windows, space and colour makes Ursus look and feel very alive.  A quick look around this gym revealed the diversity in equipment and training possibilities- tyres, sandbags, stones, and sledgehammers.  In addition, Ursus even has a boxing area and also a place to accommodate power lifting.  Some graffitti on the walls and locker room entrances gives this place character.

The Class

Ursus Bear Camp was the class I joined at 11am on Sunday.  There was a good turnout, about 9 people ready to put in some work.  Coaches Lala and Jimmy (a Thai man with the most impressive quads I think I’ve ever seen), took us through a warm up and then explained the workout.  There were 12 stations, 60 seconds at each station and a new movement that was clearly explained to the class.  For me, there were quite a few movements I was not familiar with, so the explanation of 12 things to remember felt really overwhelming.  Not to fear though, the coaches lead and assisted in every movement throughout the entire class.  Once we finished our 2 rounds of the circuit, a short partner ab burner finished everyone off nicely : )

Coach Jimmy #quadgoals

Things I didn’t like

I really can’t list too many things about the facilities or workout that I didn’t like… well other than how obviously uncoordinated I am when it comes to swinging a sledge-hammer.  It’s pretty clear that I could have used more any practice at all in chopping fire wood when I was younger.

Things I liked

Bear Camp is a class that anyone of a range of fitness capabilities could do.  I really appreciated how encouraging and engaged the coaches were.  Lala was really hands on and encouraged me to push a little more with some of the exercises that were new to me- i.e. heaving a 50kg med ball off the ground and carrying across the floor.


The entrance and lobby are quite small, but hey this is HK so everything is compact.  The locker rooms are clean and just what you need to have a shower and store your things.


A free trial is offered via the website and ursusfitness.com and drop-in classes can be booked on the mind body app for $250HKD

Fun o’meter

8/10.  Super friendly students and excellent coaches.  I will return to flip some tyres very soon!


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